Community response to the climate emergency?

Could the clayworks be home to a community-owned wind farm which could create local jobs, generate income to re-invest in our communities and help tackle climate change?

Devon Energy Collective CIC is exploring the idea and is looking for local organisations to get involved.

Why are we exploring this idea?

We are in a Climate Emergency and we want to use every opportunity to protect the futures of our children and grandchildren. There’s no time to lose. Their future is in our hands and, if we work together, we have the power to make a difference!

If we build it, we own it, and we benefit.

Why the clayworks?

The area has excellent wind resource as well as being in proximity to both large energy demands and the electricity network. This makes it a potentially good site for wind turbines.

If wind turbines are viable on and around the clayworks, we want to ensure they are built by and for the local community, rather than by outside investors.

When could this happen?

Wind turbine projects take years to develop. We are at the very early stages of exploring whether wind turbines would be technically and economically viable and whether there is support for the idea from local communities.

We believe that if turbines are possible, it is possible for them to be community owned!

How can I get involved?

We would like to form a community steering group to explore this opportunity and hopefully work together to develop a feasible business model. Your thoughts and ideas would be at the heart of the project.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved or if you would like to be kept updated.

I'm interested

“We want to help Devon transition to net zero by providing, green, clean energy for every household and business, making every home warm, healthy and energy efficient, creating green jobs and ensuring that Devon’s communities benefit from the low carbon transition”